Who is Sydney’s Leading Business Coach?

Tony Adams knows how hard it is for Sydney business owners to keep pace with change and how it can impact quickly on profits. Increasing complexity in compliance, advances in social media and lets not forget managing rising costs.

He has mentored numerous small and larger business’s based on the experience he has gained from 30 years as an investment banker and founding several startups including Sydney based Scorpio Music, Australia’s fastest growing music company.

Tony is a sought after business and motivational speaker who is also recognised as an expert Sydney consultant in Australian social media marketing.

If you would like a no obligation review of your business and Tony’s candid thoughts and quote on how his mentoring could help you then call to make an appointment or email him today. If you are located in Sydney he is happy to visit you at your business for a no obligation chat about what he can do for you.

Phone : +61 452633970                                                              Email :   Tony@TonyAdams.com

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 Why use Tony Adams as your Business Mentor?

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Tony’s thoughts on Reputation Management of Negative Reviews

Most business owners make the time to compare weekly revenue figures, but many do not make the effort to check what customers are saying about them on review sites or their own web pages.

Negative reviews about your business or service posted on numerous web locations can be devastating for any business, but in this fast online era reputation management is now extremely important.

It’s in all business owners’ interests to have the review removed by communicating quickly with those posting them and resolving the matters raised.  However, this is not always possible, but those that remain can be turned into positives for the business. Here are just five of many reasons why:

1/ Many potential customers looking at review sites are sceptical at a list of all positive reviews, seeing it as ‘staged’ or ‘censored.’ The balance in review comments and ratings adds a creditability factor. If you are located in Sydney then its important to have local Sydney business owner or resident reviews.

2/ A business owner’s response will reflect the integrity of the brand. People know mistakes are made but look to see the sincerity of the business owner putting things right.

3/ It gives the business owner the chance to publicly turn an aggrieved customer around to become a long-term advocate. This is a more positive alternative than an aggrieved customer telling their circles of friends offline of the bad experience.

4/ It identifies apparent issues in your business that you may not have been aware of. You can acknowledge this in your response and thank the reviewer for making you aware of it and saying the issue is now fixed. It also gives you the opportunity to offer a significant discount incentive to those reading it to come, check the improvements for themselves and see that customer feedback is important in improving the customer experience.

5/ Web site Sydney search engine rankings for example are based on numerous factors and one is social interaction of your site in Sydney.  The negative posting is actually positive for this rating, and if you can turn the situation around with even more social interaction then Google really likes that.

Managing customer disappointments with great customer service skills is the hallmark of a great business. This extends to regular reputation management reviews and having a company policy that is just as thorough as analysing revenue figures.


You can learn more about Tony from his business and  motivational speaker website http://www.tonyadams.com, his business coaching work with dental professionals via http://www.dentalmedia.com .au and search engine optimisation for business owners via Sydney SEO Partners.

Tony is also founding principal of Ztue Marketing which has a portfolio of review websites including Sydney Personal TrainersTop Sydney Gyms and Top Personal Trainers


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Testimonials : Sydney and International

“I have no hesitation is recommending Tony Adams as a business coach. We engaged him and after only six months had outstanding results from implementing his strategies in our Video Mastery business”    Trevor Carr : Fast Video Mastery

“Tony’s impact on our book launch has been amazing and we are so pleased that we had engaged him when we did”  Scars Run Deep Mark Mansfield : Scars Run Deep

“Tony’s input in restructuring our marketing plan and optimising our business plan has achieved extraordinary  results. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a truly professional business coach”  Lucian Harhata : SEO Sydney

“I strongly recommend Tony to coach you on your social media optimisation strategies”  Dr Melissa Jhey : Osteopath Sydney

“We were stuck and have moved our business ahead of our competitors solely on the back of Tony’s help” Tom Smith : Wedding Entertainment Melbourne


Author : Tony Adams


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